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Filippov Scientific Foundation Programs

The Filippov Scientific Foundation is a non for profit organization established with the purpose of facilitating educational development of young promising scientists and researchers as well as other children/students.

Educational Programs

The principal goal of the Filippov Scientific Foundation is to educate children and senior students about math, physics, computer science, robotics and other related branches of science by conducting educational classes. In addition, special classes for autistic children will be organized as well. The educational classes will focus on practical aspects of building a robotic kit, and will cover the scientific laws and theories related to it. Classes will be held in schools, local community centers or other locations.


The other important objective of the Filippov Scientific Foundation is to provide a range of college scholarships for tuition to students pursuing a degree in technology, robotics, engineering and physics. Talented students passionate about science and technology will be granted scholarships that will help them get a degree in the educational institution of their choice. Candidates will be selected based on their merits in classroom and involvement in community. A rigorous selection process will ensure the best and most worthy applicant is awarded the scholarship. Funds will be transferred directly to the university of the candidate’s choice.

Other Community Outreach

In addition to conducting robotics classes the foundation will reach out to the community through a number of other programs that include physical fitness activities and birthing classes. These programs will expand to serve as a basis for a tertiary objective of the educational and scholarship programs.