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Filippov Foundation Privacy Policy

Donor Information

The Filippov Foundation keeps a right to maintain all donor provided records, physical and email addresses, date received and the amount of the funds donated. Telephone and fax numbers are recorded and kept, if provided. The foundation does not require or collect any other data.

All donors who presented their funds for the Fillippov Foundation through our direct mailing program will be contacted each year as a part of the direct mail outreach campaign efforts. The addresses will be used to send thank you notes and tax forms. No other third party will have any contact with the donor records.

Filippov Foundation keeps sponsor information secure at all times and takes this step with the utmost care. The personal records are securely stored on Data Management, Inc. central computers which only allow server access to critical technical computer operators. Patron data on the website is protected by a few layers of hardware and software firewall. Secure Sockets Layer is the only way used for data transfer.

Donors who transfer their donations directly to the Foundation and their personal data are protected and securely stored. The server has multiple layers of protection and firewalls. The Vice President of Operations is the only person who has access to the server and those locked records.

Donor Names and Addresses Exchange

The Filippov Foundation participates in direct donor exchanges with other non-profit organizations. The foundation provides direct mail donor information to other charities and receives equal amount of names from them. This is a standard practice for such programs. The Foundation does business with organizations that are recognized as tax-exempt public entities by the IRS.

The information exchange is a part of the Foundation’s yearly direct mail acquisition initiative. Filippov Foundation works to support children from underprivileged households and enrich their academic achievements. Significant funds are needed to reach the public and educate potential donors about the mission, so the direct mail acquisition exchange is a vital part of the marketing program. The program helps us reach the most supporters and keep our cost down.

Donor Option Procedures

The Filippov Foundation diligently screens and verifies all the names on new acquisition lists and checks for duplicates and inconsistencies after matching the names with the Direct Marketing Association’s files. The Foundation takes this process seriously to recognize the donors who do not wish to be contacted again and do not want to partake in the information exchange. We immediately remove those names from our mailing listings and respect our donor wishes.

The Foundation provides an “Opt Out” option in May and October donor mailings. The personal data of those donors who chose to “Opt Out” is removed or suppressed right away and all future communication is ceased.

Website Visitors

Website guest data is not recorded or collected. The Filippov Foundation keeps the number of daily visits for its own use.

Our organization keeps the names and addresses of direct donors who choose to donate through the web page, along with the date and amount gifted. These personal records are used only to send thank you/tax letters and future contact. This data is kept separately from direct mailing lists and is never rented or exchanged with any other entities. The Foundation securely stores and maintains those records on its own servers.


Let us know if you have any further questions or concerns about how your data is handled and maintained. The Foundation will answer all inquiries about our privacy policy and will entertain specific demands not to share or release personal data.