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Dinosaur Dash for Tustin Public Schools

Balfour Beatty Construction Dinosaur Dash is a traditional Orange County event. Participants run, walk or bike to raise funds for the Tustin Public Schools Foundation. The event offers 2K, 5k, and 10k marathons. Bikers can choose from 3 different bike tours.

Runners can participate in different categories based on their abilities. The youngest ones most often choose 2k runs that are not timed and are then rewarded with a commemorative wristband. 5k and 10k runners are timed and gifted with symbolic medals for finishing. The top runners receive trophies and gift certificates from Dick’s Sporting Goods.

Most young bikers usually participate in 5k or 15k trek. They are relatively easy and fun for the entire family. 13+ participants can go on 50k tour that passes Santiago Canyon, old El Toro Marine Base and the Great Park, after which riders return back to Tustin. This route is a bit more challenging and requires some stamina.

Visitors and participants are offered to visit a free exposition from 7 a.m to 11 a.m, where they can enjoy various activities, school fundraiser, enjoy some expositions, and a food catering area, where they can sample meals from local restaurants.

The event is organized by Tustin Public Schools Foundation, which is a non-profit organization benefiting 30-school district. Their goal is to support teachers and students, offer grants and scholarships in such programs as afterschool sports camps, robotics classes, college preparation studies, and Tustin summer academy.

This year marked 27th time that Dino Dash took place in Orange County. Quite a few local businesses and families gladly participate in this event and sponsor some hard working and talented students from Tustin School District. Sponsors of Dino Dash are rewarded for their support. The event attracts 10,000 participants and family members. 85% of people at the event are from Tustin or surrounding areas and can become regular clients after getting a chance to know the business. Sponsors increase their brand visibility and recognition during this event, their name is displayed on T-shirts, printed and electronic ads, they can get an exhibit space or a dedicated booth.

Fillippov Scientific Foundation is one of the organizations that understand the value of learning and is willing to donate their time and financial support to young students interested in physics, robotics, math, and science. We value their learning efforts and want to encourage personal strive for greatness in their chosen fields of study. These young people are great examples of dedication and strong will; they are strong role models and deserve our recognition and help.

Filippov Science Foundation believes in bright future that humanity will achieve through innovative thinking and education. We offer grants and scholarship programs to support future scientists, local businesses, and schools. Our foundation joined Dinosaur Dash this year in support for Tustin Public Schools Foundation. Our goal is to become regular sponsors in this great event.

Tustin Public Schools Foundation was created in 1989 to benefit student and parent community on their way to achieve academic success. This charitable organization believes that providing a safety net around every student will open the gates to their scientific involvement and progress.

The organization unites volunteers and community activists to reach, educate, and encourage Tustin district students. The school district includes 24,000 students and is made of 18 elementary, 5 middle, 4 high schools and some alternative and adults educational programs. The Foundation is working to benefit all students equally. Due in part to this organization’s influence, 98% of students graduate from their schools and 90% of those graduates choose higher education studies. Tustin School district covers City of Tustin, parts of Santa Ana, the Foothills of Orange County, and some parts of City of Irvine.