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Filippov Scientific Foundation Mission Statement

We express a deep commitment to supporting high school students and undergraduates pursuing carriers in the field of science, including engineering, computer science, math, physics and robotics. We provide a range of scholarships to students who excel in science and donate funds to a number of nonprofit agencies, institutions, foundations, scientific research centers that specialize in the fields mentioned above. In addition, we provide financial support to workshops in engineering and robotics as well as to academically talented students, researchers and local communities doing our best to help promising scientists get a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in science.

We are committed to providing support and funding to the middle school and high school students as our objective is to help the gifted youth get a college degree in science and encourage aspiring scientists to pursue careers in the fields of engineering, science and technology.

In its effort to help make college education more affordable Filippov Scientific Foundation donates money for the purchase of costly equipment students need to gain knowledge and develop practical skills. Since many families can’t afford to purchase Brain OS robotic kids, Arduino Robotic Kits, Lego robotic kits and other expensive equipment our foundation donates those robotic kits, as well as other equipment like computer monitors, modern laptops and ipads, programming software, etc.

In addition, our foundation zeroes in providing support to various local small business, such as organic farming, local food markets selling natural organic food, and wholistic birth centers. We strongly believe that healthy, intelligent and well educated children are the driving force of the mankind.